Casa Pacifica Candle

by Voluspa
Type: candle


Notes of California Driftwood, Sea Salt & Shore Brush

Corta Maison Candle: 

From the gold plating, to the reflective metallic container, this candle exudes class from the inside out. With a nod to 1920s' design, the details are timeless and replete with glamour. The glass container includes a lid and is one you'll reuse for years to come.

   * Burn Time: ~ 45 Hours

   * Fill: 11 oz.

   * Dimensions: 4" D x 3" H


3 Wick Octagonal Tin Candle:

This beautiful, 3 wick octagonal tin candle adds elegance to any room. Complete with matching lid, the luxe gold interior provides a subtle yet decisive flair, a nod to the 1920's glass that inspired it.

   * Burn Time: ~40 Hours

    * Fill: 12 oz.

    * Dimensions: 
4.5" x 4.5" x 2.2"


Mini Tin Candle: 

The perfect size to pepper throughout a room! As enchanting as the aroma itself, this tin features a nod to 1920s' design with details that are timeless and replete with glamour.

   * Burn Time: ~ 25 Hours

   * Fill: 4.5 oz.

   * Dimensions: 2.99" D x 1.93" H