Leonard Drawstring Pant - FINAL SALE

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The Leonard is the perfect combination of pants and not pants. All the composure of trousers with the undeniable comfort of sweats. The material is made from eco friendly tencel and linen (sooo soft) plus a drawstring for extra roominess, the fit is as comfy as a cloud! The Leonard was responsibly made in our ethical and eco-friendly facility. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we think you’re going to love these.

* Color is Medium Indigo and Dark Indigo

* Measurements: 
   * Rise: 12"
   * Leg Opening: 24" 
   * Inseam: 30" 

* 70% Linen 30% Tencel

At Oliver Logan, we're all about sustainability. Part of that means conserving water and energy. You should wash your pants as infrequently as possible, and when you do wash them only use cold water so they don't shrink. When drying, save energy and hang dry, preferably on a line in the shade to avoid discoloration. And remember, dryers are notoriously hard on pants - they aren't your friend.