Vista Tunic Dress


The Vista Tunic Dress is a light and breezy getup when you just need something different. The fit is loose, while the collar and full-length button-down lend to a casual yet put-together look. The material is made from eco friendly tencel and linen, aka it’s super soft and sustainable! It’s the perfect way to say hello to Summer.

* Color is Medium Indigo 

* Measurements: 
   * Length: 49.5" 
   * Sweep: 49"

* 70% Linen 30% Tencel

At Oliver Logan, we're all about sustainability. Part of that means conserving water and energy. You should wash your pants as infrequently as possible, and when you do wash them only use cold water so they don't shrink. When drying, save energy and hang dry, preferably on a line in the shade to avoid discoloration. And remember, dryers are notoriously hard on pants - they aren't your friend.