Billie Aviator Sunglasses


Who said you can't wear sunnies when the sun is down? Introducing Billie. These unisex sunglasses will be sure to go with any outfit and is perfect for anyone's skin tone. Ultra high quality, comfortable, durable material - these lenses are here to stay through your wildest adventures! Bonus, they will not get stuck in your hair! You'll love them so much that you won't regret buying a pair! 

* 100% UV Protection 

* These sunglasses are made from high quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel, and polycarbonate, which means they are more comfortable and durable than most other sunglasses in the same price range. 

* Measurements: 
   * Frame height: 54mm 
   * Frame width: 140mm

* Packaging includes a complimentary case